Handy tips for hanging art in your home

Art is hugely important for making any house feel like a home and its’ placement can make all the difference to a space. Spring is the perfect time for adding some new pieces to your home but it can sometimes prove tricky to get the placement right.

A picture should ideally be hung so that the centre of the piece sits approximately 145cm (57 inches) from the floor. This is generally accepted as a standard eyeline gauge and allows the pieces to be admired easily. If you do have a household that was blessed with a tall gene then of course the eyeline can be adjusted accordingly but please don’t be tempted to go too high.

This rule doesn’t necessarily apply when hanging a piece above furniture; a bed, console table or mantel for example. In this case the general rule is that a piece should be hung 15 – 20cms above the furniture.

Flower Painting hung on blue wall above white chest of drawers

When hanging a piece of art above a console table or shelf, don’t be afraid to hang the piece off-centre. This will add interest and can then be balanced by the placement of a tall vase or table lamp.

Pictures can be propped on shelving, mantels and sideboards but remember that art was designed to be appreciated so do place them where they can be seen!

When grouping more than one picture or painting they should be appreciated as one piece, so don’t be tempted to group them too far apart. Anchoring groups of pictures is a simple and effective way to bring interest to a space and doesn’t always have to be expensive. Art is such a personal thing and should always look amazing but most of all should bring you pleasure!

Art on hall wall
Bryn Eithen Kitchen Gallery Wall

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