an easy bedside lamp upcycle - 2 beige lamps

After moving into our home four years ago and knowing that the bedroom was going to need decorating in the not too distant future, we made do with two, very cheap and (not so) cheerful bedside lamps that I’d found in the attic. 

Fast forward 3 years, a bedroom that had been decorated two years previously and still the same, very dull, very boring, very small and uninspiring bedside lamps!! Eek!!

After investing in a gorgeous, oversized new lamp for the living room from Graham and Green to replace the grey ones that we had inherited with the house, I realised I was now left with two matching grey lamps (shown above), a definite possibility for the bedroom.

Painting – A cheaper and more sustainable option

A cheaper and more sustainable option than going out and buying new ones. I loved the size and shape of them but the colour was definitely too bland for the blue bedroom.

Time to get creative! I dug out some old paint from the shed, choosing the gorgeous, rich blue colour that we had used on the hall woodwork, perfect for the lamp bases and found a tester pot of Farrow & Ball ‘Sulking room Pink’ that I had been desperate to use somewhere and thought would look amazing for the shades. First time painting a lampshade though, but nothing ventured….

2 grey bedside lamps without their shades ready for painting
Farrow & Ball ‘Sulking room Pink’
Beside lamp being painted with Farrow & Ball ‘Sulking room Pink’

After prepping the bases with a good clean, rough sand and a wipe-down, the paint went on really well. I used 2 coats and priming them first will give an even better finish.

I gave the shades a dust and then painted them using the tester pot. The paint went on fairly easily, don’t be shy with the paint as any gaps will show when the lamp is switched on. I would definitely recommend two generous coats on the shades.

I was very happy with the results, a simple but really effective glow up!

2 bedside lamp bases painted in Farrow and Ball "Sulking room pink"