image of a kitchen with blue kitchen cupboards and white central island with stools

Your kitchen is such an important space, somewhere you probably spend the majority of your time, so it’s hugely important it works well for you and of course looks great!

After completing many kitchen renovations and living in over 20 different properties in my lifetime – these are my top 10 tips for designing a practical kitchen.

1. Deep Drawers

Consider deep drawers instead of base units. They provide lots of volume and space, and you can see and access the contents easily. There are numerous items on the market for helping with the internal organisation as well.

2. Boiling water tap 

With the option for filtered and sparkling water too! This appliance means that you have instant boiling water so you don’t have to wait for a kettle to boil (and it’s one less appliance to clutter the work surface). Most brands claim that they pay for themselves within a few years due to using less electricity which in turn is better for the environment.

3. Larder Cupboard

All the dry food can be stored in one place. A spice and oils rack can easily be installed on the back of the door, and works even better if it’s within easy arm’s reach of the hob or prep space.

4. Coffee station or wine fridge

Reflect on how you use your space. Do you drink a lot of coffee? Entertain a lot? Would a coffee station be high on the wish list or are wine fridges more important? Maybe both?

We decided to put the coffee machine in the breakfast cupboard and opted for an integrated ‘booze fridge’option!

Image of open larder cupboard with spice racks

5. Breakfast cupboard

or Butler Cupboards are a brilliant idea for the storage of all the usual worktop appliances – microwave, coffee machine, toaster, blender etc.

If you can install pocket or slide-away doors then even better.

A fantastic space-saving idea and so easy to shut away all the appliances when not in use.

You can also add shelving, drawers and a hard wearing worktop.

Image of breakfast cupboard with microwave, bread bin, Nutribullet and Coffee machine stored away

6. An Island

Such a great option – if you have the space. Adding the hob on the island makes the cooking experience more sociable, as does adding seating. It also allows you to create even more practical storage. A peninsula is another similar option.

You do need to think about the clearance around an island or peninsula, and make sure you’ve got the space for opening the dishwasher – 1m is probably the minimum you can get away with, and 1.1m is even better.

Kitchen island with sink

7. The working triangle

To really make your kitchen work, think about the triangle between the sink, hob and fridge and make your kitchen as user friendly as possible, unless you are trying to up your daily steps that is?!

Kitchen with blue cupboard doors - showcasing the working triangle

8. Bins

So often overlooked but oh so important. I would recommend the pull-out option with 3 or 4 sections. If you have the space go for two units enabling you to easily divide the general & food waste, paper, glass and plastics. No more recycling hanging around on surfaces making the kitchen look messy.

9. Lighting

Task, overhead, mood and statement lighting are massively important in a kitchen. Consider the look you want to achieve and how you will truly use your kitchen, and then place the lighting accordingly. Lighting in the shelving above the sink, for example, lights on sensors in the larder and breakfast cupboard, statement pendants above the island and dining table – all dimmable of course!

Image of an open drawer with a bin and recycling bin under a shelf with a plant on it

Spots are a very popular option but in reality not always needed. Do be careful with your placing of spots and consider where the units will be placed in relation to them.

10. Electrics

Think carefully about how you will use your kitchen. If you do have the space to put all your appliances in a breakfast (or butler) cupboard you can place the majority of sockets in there, out of sight. Charging drawers are useful if you have a number of phones and iPads in the home or putting USB ports in the sockets most likely to be used for scrolling, on shelving or near seating will also prove popular.

Make sure you put sockets in or on the island too as the island is likely to be a work/homework station at some point, along with a food prep work space.

We built a shelving unit and mounted the sockets, light switches and blue tooth speaker controls within, so they are within easy reach but also tucked away. Technology is moving so fast so do look out for the lastest options on the market.

There are so many things to consider when designing a kitchen and we all live slightly differently so it’s really important that a space is designed with you and your lifestyle in mind.

If you would like help to design your ideal kitchen then please do get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.